Everyday Pebblefish publishes an inspiration board for the Pantone Colour Of The Day……yep that is an actual thing. Go on, check it out for yourself here.

Sometimes the colours are a joy, sometimes not so great, others simply inexplicable. We don’t get to choose them, however we do accept the challenge.

We try to make the content on these boards truly different, whether it be by event type, décor, food, fashion, flowers, lighting, venue……you get the picture.

However our main inspiration in putting these boards together, is to inspire you.

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January 17th – Pantone 18-1444 Tandoori Spice


When we sit down to eventually and properly discuss trends and colour palettes with our clients, it is only after we have taken the time to get to know the event hosts.

This inevitably includes clothing and decor, but we also like to ask questions which may not immediately appear to have a great deal of relevance to the event in question.

When planning and styling an event we put ourselves in the position of the guests.

What will they experience first?

What will they see and how will they see it?

What will they hear, smell, feel and taste? To truly experience an event, this all matters.

So, when developing a palette and trend, it pays to take note of the many ways a guest can experience the full spectacle and how it has been put together.

Specially designed cocktails and appetisers can be developed to compliment a colour scheme, just as easily as entertainment can be booked to enhance a theme.

Never forget to think big picture. This way, the experience will inevitably live as long in the memory of your guests as the photographs you share of the event itself.



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