Your event, your way and why it really is all about you.

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One size simply doesn’t fit all and here’s some we made earlier packages will never be suitable for everyone. So we start with a blank canvas and build our service around you.

Getting to know you, what you want and, in some instances need to achieve from your event is massively important in determining the type of planning service you require.

By understanding just how involved you wish to be, we can build a customised, made for you proposal, suitable to your time-frame, budget and lifestyle. 

We know planning an event can often feel like a full-time job. Your time is precious. We understand the everyday demands life can bring. So, while it may be possible to do it all, do you really want to? And can you spare the time? 

With Pebblefish you will always be involved. We work for you and ultimately you make the final decisions, but we’re here to alleviate some of those unwanted pressures, allowing you to focus on life’s everyday demands.

There are no hard and fast rules. We start with a blank canvas and build our service around you ensuring you get the event of your dreams on your terms.

So, where and how do we start?

Well first, we meet up.

Free Consultation

It’s good to talk, so for all clients the first stage is our free, no obligation consultation. 

This is where we get to know each other a little. The start of a beautiful friendship, if you will. 

And did we mention that its free?

We will ask a lot of questions. But more importantly we will do a huge amount of listening too. This is where we not only start to learn about your vision for your event, but, by understanding your requirements, we begin to build the best service option for you.

Leaving this first meeting you will have a clear understanding of the many ways Pebblefish can help you.

So, don’t stress. Trust us. It can all be accomplished and enjoyed.

Whatever you need, we’re there for you…..and we will always have cake!

To find out how Pebblefish can help you, get in touch today.

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