Never have couples had so much choice when planning a wedding. With access to the internet, social media, magazines and wedding fayres, the possibilities seem, endless. So why are we still led by tradition?
The truth is not all of us are.
Today’s couples are liberated……….and liberal.
They won’t be shoe-horned into a pre-packed, one-size-fits-all, got the t-shirt kind of a day.
Today’s couples want meaning, originality, immediacy, the never to be forgotten and the never seen before.
They may embrace tradition, but they aren’t beholding to it.
They may respond to fashion, but they won’t be dictated by it.
So, do we feel too much pressure to pay homage to tradition on our wedding day?
And how do we view those who are now bucking the trends…..

It will come as no surprise when looking back on our favourite wedding traditions that we often have the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to thank. But how much of the traditional meaning influences today’s decision making.

And how much is simply expectation?

I’ve yet to meet a bride who chooses to wear a veil or carry a bouquet to guard off the evil spirits the Romans were so concerned about. Or a couple who have elected for a fruit wedding cake because the richness of the fruit represents to perfection the bride’s fertility……no, nope, no way……….just way too much information. I mean really!!!!!

The great news for today’s couples is that they do have so much choice.

To tradition or not? That is the question. But is breaking with it such a big deal?

Take the wedding dress.

Want a white dress, have it. Don’t want a white dress, then don’t.

While mum may not always be over joyed at the decision to start with, more and more brides are electing for colour for their wedding dress. If that’s who you truly are, why be someone else on your most special of days? Its you who will be looking back at your wedding pictures in twenty year’s-time, be true to yourself.

Then again, if your dream has always been for the white dress then don’t let anyone talk you out of what you want. Tradition isn’t boring, it’s how you wear it that counts.

With today’s increasing focus on personalisation, a couple can pretty much re-write the rules for their wedding day.

Be traditional. Be contemporary. Be whimsical. Be vintage. Be extravagant. Be you.

If there’s something you don’t like…..well you’ve got the drill by now.
For every groom that has spent weeks dreading that first dance and attending painfully embarrassing dance lessons just to find that awkward lack of rhythm is still there, meet today’s grooms who quite simply said…..not for me.
For the couples who went full blown cake tiers, white frosting and bride & groom cake topper, let me introduce you to the doughnut wall, the cupcake tower, the mini dessert platter, the macaroon rainbow.
And don’t feel like leaving the party early? No problem. While the traditional bride and groom send-off works for some families, many couples prefer to remain until the party ends. As more and more of today’s couples are paying for weddings themselves, what’s wrong with getting your money’s worth?
So, are rules really made to be broken? Well, not always, but there are exceptions.

Planning a wedding should be about you as couple. Who you are, what you enjoy and what you want.

So, the best advice really is to do it your way.

And don’t forget to invite us. 

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