Everyday Pebblefish publishes an inspiration board for the Pantone Colour Of The Day……yep that is an actual thing. Go on, check it out for yourself here.

Sometimes the colours are a joy, sometimes not so great, others simply inexplicable. We don’t get to choose them, however we do accept the challenge.

We try to make the content on these boards truly different, whether it be by event type, décor, food, fashion, flowers, lighting, venue……you get the picture.

However our main inspiration in putting these boards together, is to inspire you.

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February 6th – Pantone 16-3320 Violet


So this board is a great board for discussing where ideas generate from.

The Pantone boards we work on for the purpose of this blog and our social media accounts are slightly different from our client boards, as we are obviously working to a pre-determined colour each day. However, inspiration originates from a variety of sources.

As part of our planning, we always work through a questionnaire with clients. Weddings can often result in a more intensive questioning process as there is so much more to cover off, but we learn so much from this.

A big part of the process is trying to understand personal preferences and choices in style, aesthetics, colour…

Couples don’t always know what they want. But often, when the question and answer session naturally flows into conversation, little nuggets of information are released…favourite artists…favourite holiday destination…favourite item of furniture…favourite piece of jewellery…even gift-wrapping they liked so much they have kept it in a cupboard upstairs.

Today, our board started with the image of the blanket.

Straight away we are outdoors, perhaps highlands, perhaps medievel, perhaps castle.

The blanket gives you a vibrant berry colour palette, so take the wildness of the outdoors and marry it with the rich colours for the bouquet.

Layers upon layers of ideas will come.  They won’t always be used but where one thing really does leads to another, the trick is knowing which ones to discard.

Part of the creative process always involves a type of word association come mind-map which generates clusters of different ideas.

You are then free to choose the most effective, impactful, relevant for your clients and build a board which becomes a starting point for any future discussions.

Simple, right?

The creative process is a joy. But we can never lose sight of our clients, their personalities, their vision, their requirements…what they want.

This is their day. We’re just there to make it extra, extra special.




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