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February 1st – Pantone 15-1905  Burnished Lilac


Mention pink in any wedding consultation and you can be met with a whole array of facial expressions ranging form sheer delight to utter disdain…not to mention some colourful language.

The art in these situations is bridging the gap. If one half of a couple is committed to a colour then finding a more-than-happy medium, which admittedly can be a challenge, will definitely make everyone’s life easier.

Burnished Lilac is a colour which can often get you out of jail.

Yes, it’s pretty. Yes, it’s feminine. But its not threatening.

As one of my grooms said….” yeah it’s quite weddingy”. He’s not wrong.
Many grooms at the start of the wedding planning journey would concede that the final colour choices may not be down to them, but more and more grooms do want to be involved in the aesthetics, even if, “I’m not wearing that” is as instructive as it gets.

But I don’t want to do grooms a disservice, they care. It’s their wedding too and yes more often than not their attitude is that they want their partner to be happy. But let’s make sure everyone is happy.

There are more than fifty shades of any colour, so don’t dismiss pink, lilac, peach straight out the bat.

The fact that the a colour can be…ahem…”weddingy”…is a good thing. It doesn’t have to form part of your everyday wardrobe, but for this one day, people will make concessions.

Burnished Lilac, as a colour is pretty adaptable. We could go all out pretty fairy-tale, simple traditional or like today’s board a relaxed, informal rustic.

Research is everything, so, don’t close doors without having a proper look around.


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