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September 3rd – Pantone 18-3211  Grapeade

So, I’ve decided that I probably should start sharing what Pantone says about its colour of the day. It’s only fair right?

For this mighty institution, Grapeade is resourceful, playful and talented.

Me? I find it a little aloof. It’s not quite conforming to the richness of an aubergine or true red grape and in my opinion, it’s not quite light enough for a mauve – although many people I’m sure will disagree.

It really seems to have its own agenda. To be separate. Alone. The Greta Garbo of pantone colours if you will.

So, with that in mind I have liberated Grapeade from its rich, opulent berry friends and placed it in a more relaxed setting.

If it really wants to do its own thing then perhaps we can create an environment it may be more comfortable in.

I’m not sure how big Rustic Minimalism can become, but I think it works for the “on a break” grapeade.


Picture montage for pantone colour of the day - Grapeade


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