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October 12th – Pantone 14-4809  Eggshell Blue


Winter Weddings can be the epitome of high style and sophistication.

The image of an aloof ice queen, while at odds with the quintessential blushing bride, does make for a good magazine cover.

But whilst our Ice Queen vogues for pictures with the moves of a couture goddess, she needs the support of a venue with coolness at its very core.

Ice Chapels have grown massively in global popularity over the years and for a winter wedding enthusiast they are the must have accessory. I can only hope that we begin to see more in the UK……I mean just think of the decadence.

We all know that outdoor summer weddings come with such a high probability of risk, that a good old winter one safely ensconced in a below-freezing ice palace, would pretty much guarantee your ability to relax, safe in the knowledge you are getting the weather you paid for.

Just ensure your dress code states thermals.


Picture montage for the pantone colour - Eggshell Blue



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