Everyday Pebblefish publishes an inspiration board for the Pantone Colour Of The Day……yep that is an actual thing. Go on, check it out for yourself here.

Sometimes the colours are a joy, sometimes not so great, others simply inexplicable. We don’t get to choose them, however we do accept the challenge.

We try to make the content on these boards truly different, whether it be by event type, décor, food, fashion, flowers, lighting, venue……you get the picture.

However our main inspiration in putting these boards together, is to inspire you.

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January 15th – Pantone 17-1525 Cedar Wood


We speak a great deal in our blogs about taking a lead from your venue’s own aesthetics when deciding on the theme or colour palette for your event.

Today’s board is possibly an extreme view of this, where the venue pretty much leads you in specific direction. The likelihood being that this was the reason said venue was chosen in the first place.

Using a venue like this which lends itself organically to such a natural colour palette is a fantastic choice for those planning an event on a budget.

Simple, minimalistic and even homemade accessories work so well in this type of setting and often the less polished and fussed over, the better the effect.

Never let a small budget put you off, yes you may need to be slightly more creative, but the fun of the planning can very nearly be as much fun as the final event itself.


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