So, everyday Pebblefish publishes an inspiration board for the Pantone Colour Of The Day……yep that is an actual thing. Go on, check it out for yourself here.

Sometimes the colours are a joy, sometimes not so great, others simply inexplicable. We don’t get to choose them, however we do accept the challenge.

We try to make the content on these boards truly different, whether it be by event type, décor, food, fashion, flowers, lighting, venue……you get the picture.

However our main inspiration in putting these boards together, is to inspire you.

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August 16th – Pantone 16-1715  Wild Rose

Ok, so maybe a little predictable but we’ve gone back to florals for inspiration here.

We make no apologies, because we just can’t get enough of the different ways we can use flowers in our events and the great part is, you don’t have to break the bank to make an impact with your creative ideas.

Today’s board shows, that with the right planning, subtle floral adornments, can create visually stunning effects.


Picture Montage for pantone colour Wild Rose


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