So we don’t normally share our work for clients, but its men’s final day at Wimbledon and after the super human exertions of all four superb male tennis players in their semi finals, we couldn’t let it go unacknowledged.

I am sadly of an age that I remember tennis of a certain vintage.

The late 70s and early 80s is the era of tennis that got me excited and made me a lifelong fan. As a young girl, for two weeks, the beginning of summer was pretty much sitting all day watching and absorbing every minute of tennis I possibly could…..that is when it wasn’t being rudely interrupted to show cricket for crying out loud.

The rest of the summer was spent outside with friends perfecting my serve and volley game with my wooden tennis racket on the hard, burning concrete of nearby car parks. How did we ever get away with it?

Chris Evert was my idol. Or Chris Evert-Lloyd at the time. And therefore Mrs John Lloyd on the score board and winners board….I mean really!!!!

However she was stylish and elegant, could hit a mean passing shot from the baseline and with a gentle flick of the hair she was ready for the next point. Almost effortless.

For a young girl hopelessly obsessed with sport, she stood out for me as a rare example of strength, femininity and success. A huge inspiration. It really broke my heart when she retired. These things really do hurt when you’re a young teenager. And yep, I will emphasise the young part.

But back then we were spoilt for choice with heroes and villains in the men’s game. The rock star than was Borg, the joker that was Connors, the panto villain that was McEnroe.

I miss the characters of that era, but this year, the men’s semi finals at Wimbledon have been something else. The level of tennis has been mind-blowing and the results often heart-breaking after matches well exceeding the 5 hour mark. Footballers take note.

But its men’s final day and I’ll be watching as I always am, however, sometimes it is nice to look back at some of the greats. And these two for me, are forever iconic.


Wimbledon PIcture Montage Showing Borg and McEnroe

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