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October 15th – Pantone 13-3405  Lilac Snow


So, there’s a chill in the air and while most people begin to think about digging out their winter wardrobe and purchasing new gloves, scarves and boots, we are preoccupied with adding the finishing touches to winter weddings and Christmas parties.

We eat, sleep and dream about them, so you can surely forgive us one of what I am sure will be many, Panto-esque inspiration boards.

Oh yes you can!!!!

To be fair we would probably prefer ballet, but Cinderella is the ultimate girl who loves a party and the Christmas season

Lilac Snow pantone chip

is almost upon us. I mean what she went through just to get to the ball. You have to admire this lady’s determination.

The dress, the glass slippers, the carriage, and the drama. Ok, there was a Prince, but let’s stick with the dress for now.

Whether you read the book, saw one of the many films, had a lovely evening at the ballet or went as young child to a local pantomime, the idea of Cinderella running from the ball as the clock strikes midnight conjures up the image of the most theatrical flowing dress moment of all time.

Thank goodness for a Fairy Godmother with an endless supply of silk thread.

We love the romantic feel of the layer upon layer upon layer of lilac tulle in today’s board. Can there ever be too much?

So, if a girl wants to rock the Cinderella look for her wedding, we are totally on board with that.


PIcture montage for pantone colour Lilac Snow


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