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October 14th – Pantone 12-4609  Starlight Blue


Sometimes finding the right colour, theme or style of an event is a process.

Not every client we meet has a ready-made mood board with magazine cuttings, fabric swatches and a detailed list of must-have accessories.

And for the record, there is fun to be had no matter how much work has or hasn’t been done on this. Research is massive part of any event and we love every second of the creative process, regardless of the starting point.

However, finding the perfect aesthetic for each client involves being part detective, psychologist, designer, accountant, risk analysis and then, eventually planner.

Starlight Blue Pantone Chip

It’s not enough to understand what a client does or doesn’t like, I need to understand why.

I don’t like blue. Why?

I don’t like tulle. Why?

I don’t like candles. Why?

Colours are easy. Often it is an issue with a shade rather than the whole umbrella term. But why?

Starlight Blue is a case in point.

From initial brief, I was once told to avoid blue. Which is fine, there are other colours.  But why?

Only by following up and getting in to the detail could I begin to understand. The bride hated her school and her uniform…..to her, a dull and dreary unfeminine dark navy blue.

It would have been so easy to just write down “no blue” on a set of notes and move on, but why restrict yourself at such an early stage in the process. Especially when a lot of images being selected contained…….pale blue.

I will never push an agenda on clients, but sometimes when you listen closely, your client may be telling you more about what he or she wants while telling you exactly what they don’t want.

Not every client will say, I don’t like Navy Blue, but I’d be ok with a pale, light blue paired with an almost sheer pink.

We’ll get there, it’s just important to know how? Uhm Why? No, how……………


Picture montage for the pantone colour Starlight Blue



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