Everyday Pebblefish publishes an inspiration board for the Pantone Colour Of The Day……yep that is an actual thing. Go on, check it out for yourself here.

Sometimes the colours are a joy, sometimes not so great, others simply inexplicable. We don’t get to choose them, however we do accept the challenge.

We try to make the content on these boards truly different, whether it be by event type, décor, food, fashion, flowers, lighting, venue……you get the picture.

However our main inspiration in putting these boards together, is to inspire you.

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January 19th – Pantone 17-1330 Lion


Can’t say I was loving Pantone’s Colour of the Day web-page very much, when I clicked and found “Lion” staring back at me today.

However, as per our blog intro…..we do accept the challenge.

Our boards come together very differently each day. Sometimes it’s a theme that springs to mind, sometimes if it’s a quiet day, then it’s through spending way too much time on Pinterest, on this occasion I remembered an image I had seen a few weeks before and thought that this is exactly the type of thing a client may base their palette around.

There are times when planning a wedding with client, the groom is less than enthused with the whole creative process.

Pantone chip for colour lion

This is not true of all grooms, the times they-are-a-changing and often today’s couples are equally invested, however this scenario did remind me of one or two initial meetings.

Today’s board started with the image of a kissing couple and the groom is wearing a camel coloured jacket.

You can imagine the scenario, “I’m not really into flowers and napkins, all I know is, I’ve seen a jacket I like….it’s this colour”, and the bride-to-be, just happy her future husband has made some kind of creative contribution asks hesitantly, “can we do anything with this?”

Hell yes!!!!!

Camel, golds, naturals……colours, textures, landscapes. Once you commit to a colour, embrace it and accept, you will always find the beauty within and develop a love that you originally doubted could exist.


Picture montage for pantone colour Lion

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